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Tunnel Your Way to Secure Freedom with SSH & SOCKS5

Data Tunnel
Sometimes the normal method of connecting to the internet simply isn’t enough. Firewalls, bandwidth limits, and insecurity really rain on one’s parade. There is hope, however, for addressing all of these issues with one simple technique:

A SSH & SOCKS5 Tunnel

The nitty gritty details of these two protocols is beyond the scope of this blog post, and so only the general concept of each will be given. SSH, or Secure Shell, is a way of connecting two devices with an encrypted connection. It’s quite a useful little protocol, allowing one to run programs remotely, transfer files securely, and more. SOCKS5 is the protocol that will allow network traffic to be sent through the SSH tunnel. Unlike a standard HTTP proxy that one may find on the net, SOCKS5 can handle more than just browser traffic.
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