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Crossing the Atlantic: The Nina, the Pinta, and the Rutgers Slocum Glider

The Rutgers Slocum Glider

This week marked the end of an epic journey for one little sea vessel, built by Rutgers undergraduate students and NSF RIOS summer interns, across the Atlantic ocean. After 255 long days, the Slocum glider arrived in Cape Touriñán, Galicia, Spain. It made it completely intact, carrying data and a little barnacle buildup. It crossed the 3,308 miles, collecting temperature, salinity and ocean depth, using nothing but a battery and ocean currents, which is quite an impressive feat.

Way to go Rutgers! Now, just imagine if all of that stadium money went into endeavors like this.

Project home page with more information
Rutgers University Coastal Ocean Observation Lab