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2 Computers, 1… Speaker Set

Venn Diagram of Mac intersecting Windows with speakers
Computers and laptops have become cheaper and cheaper over the years. It has reached a point where it is not uncommon for a person to have more than one. Whatever the specific situation may be, the audio hardware setup will get a bit tricky. Computer speaker sets have only one input; unless one wants to shell out for multiple sets or a nice receiver system, the only solution is to continuously move the plug. For some, the access to all ports is easy enough that such a simple solution is sufficient. Most of the time, it would become irritating very quickly, especially if one has to alternate back and forth frequently. What is a man to do?
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Streaming to Xbox360 With Mac: Connect360, Rivet, or PS3 Media Server?

Mashup of Apple and 360 logos

Monitors are nice and all, but there’s something about watching a movie on a big tv and a nice sound system. The easiest way to get it from your mac to the tube would be a direct HDMI cable, but not everyone has laptops or adapters. What’s that? You have an Xbox 360? Well then, you’re in luck! There’s a few options out there now to stream media from a Mac to an Xbox 360 for playing on your living room set and achieve media seamlessness.
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