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FreeNAS as a Print Server? It’s Easier Than You Think!

A mashup of FreeNAS and FreeBSD logosEarlier this year I had written this Instructables guide, but figure it would fit well here.

FreeNAS is an excellent network storage solution simple enough for anyone to install. The system and space requirements are ridiculously small for this stripped-down version of FreeBSD. It’s got all manner of features accessible through it’s clean web GUI, more than most will ever need. It even lets you stream media to game consoles!

Despite it’s impressive built in abilities, there was one thing that I wanted it to do besides act as a great NAS, and that was to be a print server so I could share my HP Deskjet 6540 USB printer among my Windows and Mac OSX boxes. Easier said than done. After hours of playing around with CUPS and a few broken installs later, I saw the light.

On the FreeNAS forums, user sgrizzi created a thread on how to make it work with LPR , using the LPRng package, for a LiveCD based setup. It was extremely helpful, and he/she should get most of the credit, but the thread really needed to be condensed and clarified to be a useful guide for the average user. That is exactly what this is for, as well as to modify it for a standard full install of FreeNAS.

Head on over to FreeNAS as a Print Server Instructable for the real meat and potatoes.