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Dream Job or Career Hell: Top 200 Job Ratings 2010

Now that the New Jersey Collegiate Career Day has come and gone, with opportunities in all manner of fields (although fewer presented for engineering that one would have hoped), it would be interesting to look at how people rank various positions. Have the once highly sought after careers retained their crown, or is the public opinion changing? A recent survey published by aims to shed some light on the matter.

A list of the top 200 jobs has been assembled based upon several factors they have deemed key. While the composite score is used for overall ranking, each career is accompanied by a score breakdown for a more solid idea of what the jobs are like. Just for fun, here are where some of the engineering professions fell:

  • 2. Software Engineer
  • 16. Industrial Engineer
  • 18. Aerospace Engineer
  • 33. Civil Engineer
  • 36. Petroleum Engineer
  • 42. Nuclear Engineer
  • 64. Electrical Engineer
  • 71. Mechanical Engineer
  • 92. “Engineering Technician”

Where did Chemical/Process and Materials/Ceramics Engineering go? How do fields like Philosopher (11) and Historian (5) beat all engineering except Software? While one should strongly question the accuracy of their scoring methodology based on the results and take it all with a grain of salt, it is still interesting to have this perspective to generate dialogue.

Does your field rank in this list, and if so, is it accurate? If not, what’s your job like?

via CareerCast, spotted on io9


One response to “Dream Job or Career Hell: Top 200 Job Ratings 2010

  1. Mathew Preziotte January 19, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    number two!!

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